Self Care During Your Pregnancy

Keeping your Body Balanced after the Massage
Epsom Salt 

Epsom Salt aides in relieving tight and aching muscles. Magnesium in the salt relaxes the muscles and allevates the deep achy feeling. 

3 Ways to use Epsom Salt

1. In a warm bath with 3 -4 cups of salt.

Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes

2. Use as a body scrub in the shower. Grab 3 -4 handfuls of salt and rub into sore areas.

3. Use as a warm compress. Dampen a wash cloth and place 1/2 cup of salt into the wash cloth. Fold the cloth and place on bothersome area(s).

Middle Back Pain

Daily Side Stretches

Side Stretches create space in the ribs and lengthen the side body allowing you to take a bigger breath; Allowing more oxygen to enter the body for you and your baby; More oxygen means more Energy!

While sitting or standing extend one arm up and over the head reaching to the opposite side of the room.

Hold for 3 - 5 breaths

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Daily Neck/Shoulder Stretches

      Hold and Breathe 3 -5 Breaths

- Ear to Shoulder  (side neck stretch)

-Chin toward Armpit  (back side neck stretch)

-Chin to Ceiling turned to the corner

-Clasp hands or grab towel behind back (if standing keep knees slightly bent)

-One hand on door frame and turn away opening up chest (can be placed at several levels to achieve deeper chest opening)

SI Joint Pain/Sciatic Pain/Piriformis Pain

-Ways to Help Reduce Pain:

-Wear Flat shoes   No High Heels

-Smart Sleep/Side Lying Sleep Positioning

    Keep knee, Hip and ankle parallel with each other when using a pillow system


    Use towel to cradle bottom of belly to support Round Ligament

-Smart Sit

Sit up straight tilting your pelvis forward and sitting more on your tailbone

(imagine a flashlight shining straight out belly button- The light should be shining forward or slightly down to the ground)

-Knee Press Exercise

Begin by sitting in smart sit with back against chair. Have partner press bent knees back towards the hips

-Yoga Stretches

Cross Leg Stretch

   Thread Needle Pose/Pigeon Pose


Add Lemon juice and a sprinkle of Sea Salt to drinking water

Use Lemon and Ginger Essential Oil with a carrier oil on feet and ankles. Use light gliding upward strokes toward the heart. Can also be done to wrists and arms.

Elevate the feet in bed

Legs up the Wall/Yoga Pose

Achy Body

Epsom Salt Bath  

Soak for 20 Minutes

Legs up the Wall/Yoga Pose  

5 Minutes with Right Hip Slightly Propped 

5 Daily Essentials to a Balance Pelvis

Having a balanced pelvis is important to your baby's position. This can effect the way you feel and your labor and delivery. Babies rest where they have the most room. If your pelvis has tight muscles on one side this causes an imbalance and can cause the baby to rest in an un-optimal birthing position.

5 Daily Essentials to balance, stretch and strengthen your pelvic region

1. Walking for 10mins

2. Forward Leaning Inversion (ask therapist or see directions on spinning

3. Psoas Lengthener - Hang one left of step for 1 min and then switch

4 Sumo Squat

5. 5 Minute Yoga Stretch Series

  Hold each pose for 3 - 5 breaths

  -Hip Opener- Sitting Straddle


  -Cross Leg Stretch -Thread Needle

  -Side Body Stretch -Half Moon Pose

Carpal Tunnel

Keep wrists bent with palms facing forearms as much as possible

Ice wrist

Arnica Montana Cream to wrist

Wear a Copper Bracelet 

Tired Legs/Calf Cramps/Sore Feet

Legs up the wall/Yoga Pose   *5 Minutes

Blend 3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

           3 Drops Orange/Tangerine Essential Oil

           Palm Size Coconut Oil/or any carrier oil

Massage gently into legs and feet. Good for leg cramps and tired legs.

Arnica Montana for Leg Cramps

Have a partner apply compression squeezes to feet, calves and thighs

(no jarring movements to the insides of thighs)

Roll feet on Tennis Balls

Wear Flat Shoes      No High Heels

Essential Oils for Pregnancy


     Lemon Oil

     Orange Oil

     Apply 1-2 drops to bottoms of feet and palms


     Lavender Oil

     Chamomile Oil

     Apply 1 -2 drops to bottoms of feet 

     or Apply 2 - 3 Drops in a Diffuser


     Ginger Oil

     Peppermint Oil

     Apply 1 -2 Drops to palms. Cupping hands over face and inhaling 2 -3 breaths

     or Apply to a Diffuser


     Orange/Tangerine Oil

     Apply 1 -2 Drops on palms and base of skull

     or Apply drops to a Diffuser


     Peppermint Oil

     Apply 1 drop in palms with a carrier oil. Cup hands over face and inhale and then massage area of headache. Be careful not to touch eyes.

      or Apply drops to a Diffuser